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If you chronically suffer from conditions ranging from insomnia to back pain, medical marijuana will not only benefit your health but improve your overall quality of life. Many patients have exhausted other options from physical therapy to medical treatments, and still remain frustrated with their overall condition. Let the physicians at healing touch alternative care help. Consult with one of our physicians to see if you will benefit from medical marijuana.

The use of medical marijuana can benefit numerous medical conditions from chronic back pain to insomnia. Medical marijuana is a natural substance that, if used correctly, is extremely beneficial to your health.


View some of the benefits

Once you are approved for medical marijuana, you will receive a physicians’ recommendation that will allow you to access any dispensary in California. The results of each individual evaluation will differ, but all will start you on your way to a healthier life .

What happens next?

Since our clinic is owned and operated by physicians, all recommendations done by us are completely legitimate. Recommendations for new patients are only $45 and renewals are $35

from any Doctor within 30 days of expiration. Recommendations are valid for 1 year.

Receive a Physician's Recommendation

Improve the quality of your life

Walk-ins are always welcome as well!

•Help with pain relief

•Stops nausea/vomiting

•Stimulates appetite

•All natural

•Improves mood

•Lessen depression

•Reduces eye pressure

•Induces sleep

•Reduces muscle spasms

•Works as an anti-inflammatory

•Reduces anxiety and depression

•Anti-tumor effects

Additional Benefits